Avoid Making These Common Foundation Mistakes!

Foundation application is tricky, so learn how to avoid the most common foundation mistakes for a flawless look. It does take time and efforts to find your perfect match, but it will be a lot easier if you follow our advice and try to avoid making these common foundation mistakes.

  1. Don’t forget to color-match.

You need to test out a number of foundations before finding your perfect shade. Don’t test them on your hand, use your jaw and cheek. Do take into account seasonal changes. Don’t be afraid to mix two shades to get the perfect one for you right at the moment.

  1. Don’t choose incompatible formulas.

Observe your skin, it will tell you all you need to know about the perfect foundation. For oily skin, stay away from dewy and moisturizing formulas, while if your skin is dry, don’t even come close to matte formulas! Notice the state of your skin and see what it really asks for.

  1. Disregard seasonal changes.

You can’t use the same foundation the whole year round. Your skin changes with the seasons, color and texture wise. So don’t stick to the same foundation and formula for more than a season. Adapt your make-up routine accordingly to the temperatures outside and to what your skin is asking for.

  1. Applying with a heavy hand.

Foundation should go unnoticeable on your face, so if you end up looking like you’re wearing a mask, chances are you are doing it wrong. Blend your foundation so it gets into your skin. Instead of painting on your base, buff it into your face with a fluffy, rounded buffing brush. The denser the brush, the heavier the coverage will be. A less dense brush will give you more sheer coverage.

  1. Don’t avoid new formulas.

There are foundations for every personality, so next time you are in front of shelves full of mousse, powder, cream, stick or liquid foundations, step outside your comfort zone and try something new! You may be totally surprised!

Have fun with make-up and don’t forget beauty products are there to enhance your natural beauty!