Salad Eating Mistake That Make You Gain Weight

Summer is the perfect season, which offers us many variations to have a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables are everywhere, and recipes that include them are available to anyone. Salad is among the preferences of many vegetarian consumers and not only. Besides is prepared very easy and fast, it has many vitamins and can successfully replace a rich meal. It contains weak proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates. How can a mistake slip here? Very simple!

There is, however, a mistake many people make when preparing a salad. In addition to all healthy ingredients used for dressing, sunflower oil is always present. Yes, it’s hard to imagine a salad without oil, but it contains processed fats that are harmful for the body.
Sunflower oil is, in fact, pure fat, which means moderate amounts are needed, and excessive consumption contributes to weight gain. One tablespoon of sunflower oil contains 80 calories, and doctors recommend that only 35% of your daily calorie consumption come to from fat.

Salad can become an unhealthy preparation if it is wrongly seasoned. Dressing has the role to provide taste to vegetables included in the salad, and this can be done without adding fat, calories or chemically processed ingredients. Thus, the dressing should contain predominantly vinegar, lemon juice and very little olive oil.

On average, a salad contains about 200 calories, considering that it is made of several ingredients such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers. Adding oil, it is obvious that this number of calories will increase. In order to lower the fat content, it is recommended to use olive oil, which is a healthier alternative to sunflower.
Many of those who consume sunflower oil don’t know that it is not beneficial to the body. Nutritionists draw attention to the fact that the silhouette can suffer due to the fat that is found in it. Consumption of sunflower oil negatively affects the level of insulin in the body and the white blood cells.