5 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt

Salt is a very important nutrient for the body, having, among other benefits, an important role in regulating the amount of body fluids. If the body doesn’t get enough salt, the blood pressure can go down! However, the excess of salt is also dangerous for your health. Find out some signs that you are eating too much salt.

Feeling of constant thirst

When you consume too much salt, the body needs a larger amount of fluid to eliminate excess of salt from the body so the muscles and other body tissues can work properly. The body tells you about this extra need for liquids by producing the constant thirst sensation. And it is important to drink fluids in such situations to avoid dehydration.


Swelling of the extremities and eyes in the morning when you wake up is another sign that you eat too much salt. Salt encourages body water retention, which can cause severe edema in the arms, ankles, feet, hands, and face.

Bone pain

When you drink plenty of water to compensate the excess of sodium from your body, it also automatically increases urination frequency. Frequent urination causes increased calcium loss. Bones and teeth need calcium in order to keep them healthy, and high deficits can lead to osteoporosis.

Kidney stones

Excess of salt accentuate calcium excretion in the urine. The combination of salt and calcium accumulated in the kidneys can lead to the formation of urinary calculi.


The balance between body fluids and salt is extremely important for the smooth functioning of the circulatory system and the muscular system. The more salty you eat, the body holds a lot of water, and this excess of fluid increases your blood pressure.