The Reason You Should Put Salt In Your Garden

You probably already read all sorts of articles about using salt in the garden, but not all of those methods work. You can also take into account the use of other natural substances to get the best fruits or vegetables. Potassium, for example, helps in tomatoes growth, did you know that? Today I will present you some excellent and efficient methods to take care of your garden. It is guaranteed because it is used and tested!

You have to dissolve 200 grams of salt in 2 liters of water, then you have to spray this solution on the diseased plants. The leaves will turn yellow and fall, leaving a healthy plant. In this way you can even prevent the plant some having a disease.

Another problem faced by gardeners is the development of beet. It often happens that the plant doesn’t grow or it isn’t sweet. In this situation, salt is a great help to us. In one liter of water, dissolve 35-50 grams of salt, then soak the plant with this mixture. The process should be used when the beet leaves appear. The solution should be poured between the beet rows.

How to get rid of fleas and ticks – To completely get rid of these insects, you need to sprinkle mustard beans in places where these enemies make their appearance, especially at the base of the plant.

How to prevent the rot of onions – Most of the time, onions rot  because of the napomyza gymnastoma insect. Sprinkle the onion parcel with salt, about one kilogram to 10 m2, then thoroughly water the soil.

How do we help potatoes to grow – For these plants to grow, we must intervene before planting. How? Prepare a solution of 500 grams of crushed garlic and 5 liters of water. Before to put them in the soil, keep the plants in this solution for several hours. The seeds will be disinfected and the substance will help to develop the plant. Potatoes will grow healthier and considerably larger!