Why You Should Think Twice About Sleeping On The Couch

In order to save space in your apartment you certainly have a sofa bed. Unfortunately, I want to let you know that this is not the best idea. Sleeping on the couch is not the healthiest thing to do. Find out why you should think twice about sleeping on the couch.

The materials from which the sofas are made are not meant for sleep – The sofas, for a greater resistance and for support the uses in the seating position, are based on polyurethane foam. This is necessary because it resists a longer time if you place heavy objects in the same place. So sleeping on the couch does not provide the necessary support for the extended body position

The sofa is not hygienic – You should think that a sofa is used daily by everyone in the house. Your cat, your puppy, the kids… and all of them bring a new set of microbes. Some people eat while staying seated watching TV. All these activities make the sofa an unhygienic environment for a quiet sleep.

Sofas give back pain – The sofas are usually smaller than an ordinary bed, so you will get to sleep more cramped than you would in a bed. This will lead to back pain. Apart from this, the hard material of the mattress and uneven heating can also lead to unnatural positions that can cause back pain.

They give insomnia – Alignment of the spine is not done correctly, and so it makes us strain all night, so we will have insomnia.