Incredible Benefits Of Sleeping Without Pillow

People have not always enjoyed the comfort of a soft bed and fluffy pillows during sleep. In China and ancient Egypt, the pillows were only decorative and made of wood or stone. In the Middle Ages sleeping on the pillow was considered a sign of weakness. Does the modern man have any benefit when he sleeps on the pillow? Find out why you have sleep without pillow:

You will improve  your posture – Generally, people have the wrong idea that if they sleep without a pillow, they will have sore and back pains. It is completely wrong! The pillows restrict the movements of the body during sleep. Giving up of the comfort the pillow gives to your body, you will enjoy a more freedom of movement.

You’ll be more relaxed – Another side effect of sleeping on the pillow is that it puts pressure on your brain, thus favoring the appearance of anxiety, tension, behavioral imbalance. Sleeping without pillow will make you feel more relaxed

You will be more beautiful – We already know there is a close bond between sleep and beauty. Find out that the pillow affects your beauty and, moreover, favors acne. Researchers at Manchester University have shown that up to 16 types of fungi can be found on a pillow. They have come to the conclusion that, when are used for more than 18 months, the pillows accumulate thousands of times more bacteria than a very used broom.

Improves your memory – How many times you don’t remember so easily what you did just a day ago? We have clear memories of what happened a few years ago, but we have trouble remembering what we did 2-3 days ago or even yesterday. The mechanisms underlying memory are not fully understood, however, Canadian researchers have come to the conclusion that sleep and its quality play an extremely important role!

It helps the children to grow in height – The pillow is one of the factors that cause the spine to change in a negative way. Pillow affects the upper part of the spine, which maintains the head. During the sleep, pillow keep the spine under tension. If the spine doesn’t relax during sleep, in time, permanently alterates the body. It is very important children, in order to increase their height, to keep a right spine posture during sleep.

Also, as an adult, it is very possible to notice, over time, that you keep your head far ahead than the rest of your body. This is because of the use of a pillow. The more your pillow is thicker and fuller, the more your neck is affected.