What Your Natural Lip Color Says About Your Health

The natural color of your lips can be the key that determines your overall health. Lips in an intense pink tone signifies that your body functions in normal parameters, but red lips or brownish lips should raise you some concerns about your health. Here’s what the lip color says about your health:

Cherry red
If your lips have a bright red color, like cherries when they are not very ripe, it means that your body puts a lot of effort into restoring the inner balance, and the most affected organs are heart and liver.

Intense pink
This is the ideal color for your lips. In this case, your body functions in normal parameters and you have no cause to be concerned.

Light pink 
Lips in a pale pink tone is a sign of anemia. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the lip layers and is a sign that you have hemoglobin deficiency.

This lip color is specific to smokers or those with stomach problems. You have a sensitive stomach and it is advisable to not combine the vitamins with the protein in the diet.

Purple or green
These lips shades are normal in winter when it is cold. If your lips have one of these colors even when it’s not cold, you should immediately consult a doctor. The purple or green lips indicate that you have serious heart or respiratory problems.

So, check your lips every morning in order to be aware of your health