What Says About You The Part Of The Bed You Are Sleeping On

Tell me on what side are you sleeping to tell you how grumpy you are. Yes, believe it or not, the part of the bed you are sleeping on is affecting your mental condition and your workplace behavior. So, what side of the bed are you sleeping on? Left or right?

It’s official! It seems that the partner couple who sleeps on the right side of the bed has more chances to wake up very grumpy. According to a recent study (which may sound funny and difficult to believe, but it seems to be more than serious and true), those who unclog the blanket on the right side are more pessimistic than those who “escape” from the blanket to the left side. They are 3% more likely to hate their job, which makes them 7% more grumpy and in the morning than those from the “left” category.
Compared to the “right-handed” people, sleepers on the left are 10% more optimistic, more open, they smile and are 8% more likely to like their job. Which automatically makes them wake up with much more enthusiasm for a new day of work than the others.

The study was conducted on no more than 1,000 adults by a UK company that produces beds. They also discovered that loneliness and introverts  people prefer to sleep on the right side of the bed, while people who are more sociable and have a numerous friends tend to rest on the left side.