How To Detox Your Liver During Night

A good night’s sleep helps you to wake up relaxed and in a good mood, and if you know what to do before bedtime, you can detoxify your liver while you sleep. Numerous studies have shown that l-teanine, a compound found in green tea, is very good for health. Researchers claim that l-teanine helps relax and escape from anxiety.

Experiments have shown that this substance calms the brain without making you to fall asleep. Japanese scientists have noticed that people who are taking 200 mg of l-teanine every day are getting more restful and are full of energy. If this substance is combined with another perfect morning drink – coffee, caffeine-induced anxiety disappears, but this mixture doesn’t interfere with coffee’s ability to increase brain activity.

Other studies have shown that l-teanine changes the state of mind and makes people happier. Although the mechanism that leads to this improvement in mood is not known, researchers believe that the green tea substance helps the body to produce serotonin and other hormones of happiness.

L-teanine is also effective for cleaning liver from toxins like alcohol or other dangerous substances. Experts believe that this wonder compound interferes with the lack of glutathione, a substance that helps to detoxify the liver.

The side-effects of l-teanine are unknown, but the daily dose should not exceed 200 mg, and if you want to include it in your daily diet, it is good to talk to your doctor about it.

Where do you find l-teanine? L-teanine is found in the form of supplements, but also in teas. Green tea has the largest amount of this compound. Be careful, however, not to drink these teas excessively because they contain caffeine and can make you nervous. It is also good to know that l-teanine supplements can lower your blood pressure, so you should only take it after you talk to your doctor.