7 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm

Female orgasm is a great mystery for scientists, especially since it has no role in reproduction. Some researchers still study why female orgasm has a longer duration than the male orgasm. We have collected a list of things that you certainly didn’t know about orgasm.

  1. You get rid of headaches – Researchers have determined that during an orgasm, certain chemicals work exactly like an anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve headaches.

2. It can last up to 20 seconds – A regular woman has an orgasm that last between 6-8 seconds, but there are women who can have a 20-seconds orgasm.

3. You can have an orgasm without being touched – A woman may have orgasm without having vaginal sexual contact and without her clitoris being stimulated. Orgasm can occur with the help of kisses, but also while doing sports.

4. Improves the sense of smell – After orgasm, our brain leads to the increase of the prolactin hormone in the odor area. In other words, the brain is more sensitive to smells after an orgasm. That is why many women feel the appetite to eat.

5. It helps you to live longer – More than two orgasms per week can help you live longer, according to a study conducted in 1997 by the researchers in Wales.

6. Increases tolerance to pain – A study published by Pubmed.gov by Professors Whipple B and Komisaruk BR highlighted the fact that orgasm is responsible for increasing pain tolerance.

7. It can make you faint – The body can be overcome by an orgasm and can react by fainting or even having a heart attack.