Mental Tricks to Fight Depression

Depression does not discriminate nor does it choose its victims. Anyone can become a victim and it’s rather hard to fight it on your own. Luckily, there are a few tips that help get rid of it. Medication can help depression. Therapy has also proven successful. There are also some therapy exercises that can be practiced on your own, at home, with no special training. Read on and remember the tips for breaking the cycle of negativity:

  1. Don’t’ overthink and don’t catastrophize. It’s definitely not easy overlooking the negative aspects of a situation, but you should focus on the good sides. It is unhealthy making and living in a world with fear and negativity. Focus on the positive side of every situation and look for a silver lining.
  2. Stop ruminating and obsessively thinking about an unpleasant situation. Let it go! Try to distract yourself with meditation.
  3. Don’t try to predict the future. Live in the present and asses all situations accordingly.
  4. Let the past go. It is pointless thinking and blaming yourself for what you did or did not do. Accept the situation and try to make the best out of the present.
  5. Reach out to others. Try to surround yourself with people! Find positive people that will replenish your batteries with optimism.
  6. Stick to a routine. Even if you don’t feel like doing stuff, do it for your own benefit. Take walks in the park and avoid becoming a couch potato.
  7. Avoid black and white thinking. Things are not always white or black. There are countless other colors. Avoid thoughts that get you in a rut and keep you there.
  8. Check your thoughts. Depressed people tend to get captured in a world of fantasy. If you are worried about losing touch with reality, reach out to someone and ask for help.
  9. Choose smart goals. Set attainable, straightforward goals that you can easily follow.
  • Fake it a bit. Make yourself go out and have a good time, until you will truly enjoy it.
  • Don’t deny depression. The first step to healing, is accepting you are sick. Seek help and accept yourself.