How to Revive Your Dry Mascara Using This Trick

If you have managed to get romantically attached to your mascara and are scared to think of the day you two will have to part ways, we have a big surprise for you: it’s still very far away! Don’t rush to throw away and replace your old mascara yet! Instead of buying a new one, or even worse, stressing when you run out of it unexpectedly, make use of one miracle trick. The tricks we are going to teach you will help you enjoy your favorite beauty product longer!

  1. Jojoba oil is the answer to all mascara prayers. When you feel your mascara is starting to show signs of getting dry, pour one or even two drops of jojoba oil in the recipient and see it come back to life!
  2. If you want your mascara to last about 3 times longer than it usually does, get your saline solution or eyedrops and come to its rescue.

Mascara usually dries out before half of it is even used. Such a waste of a good product. Don’t be too quick and throw it away when you see signs of it drying out. You can make use of our advice about 2 or 3 times until it is really time to say Good Bye to your favorite mascara.

Still, remember that mascara, like any other beauty product has its lifespan and should not be used beyond the term that is advised on the label. You risk serious eye infections caused by bacteria if you continue using the same product too long. The wand of the mascara is the perfect home for such bacteria and every time you use it after the expiration date you are putting your eyes and health at risk!

Keep this in mind and don’t exaggerate with prolonging the life of your favorite mascara!