How To Unshrink Your Clothes To Their Original Size

Few of us have managed to avoid ruining their favorite clothes while washing them. You can either ruin the color or the size, and we are still not sure which is better. T-shirts are mostly prone to this kind of unfortunate happenings. Still, there are a few ways to fix things if you don’t panic and throw away the t-shirt right away.

If you were not careful while washing it and set the wrong temperature, remember there is one easy step to return your t-shirt to its original size in almost no time.

You need water and baby shampoo. Yes, you are right, it is indeed as easy as that!

The ratio you need is 1 teaspoon of baby shampoo for every liter of water you are going to use. Mix them together and put your t-shirt in it. Let the piece of clothing soak for an hour.

Remove your t-shirt, squeeze out water from it and put it between two towels for about 10 minutes.

You will need to hang your t-shirt out to dry, or put it on a flat surface, but be careful to place a few weights that will hold it to its original size and prevent the fabric from shrinking back to the smaller size.

This trick will return your favorite t-shirt or other cotton cloth back to its original size.

Just be careful with other pieces of clothing and make sure to respect and follow any washing advice printed on the label.

Another trick for keeping the size and color of your clothes as new is always using lukewarm, almost cold water when it comes to washing. Also try to avoid mixing different fabrics and colors in the washing machine.

Another color protection trick is adding a teaspoon of vinegar to cold water and rinsing your clothes in it before letting them dry!