Liver Doesn’t Hurt! Signs That You Have Liver Problems

The liver has an essential activity in terms of the proper functioning of the body, its main function being the metabolism of nutrients in food. Because liver doesn’t hurt, I will present you some signs that can announce some problems with your liver.

If you thought that as long as your liver doesn’t hurt, that means it’s completely healthy, you were wrong. So, you have to discover your liver problems from other symptoms.

Which are these?

1. The occurrence of bruises on the body, without reason
If the liver doesn’t allow the blood to coagulate, bruises begin to appear in the skin. If you know you didn’t hit and bruise  appear on your body, ask for a doctor opinion!

2. Inexplicable weight gain
If you don’t eat more than usual and you didn’t made any change in your diet, but you still gain weight continuously,  go to the doctor! It can be either the liver or the gland because the body can’t get rid of accumulated toxins.

3. Permanently tired

You didn’t work too much, you rested at night and yet you’re tired. It’s a clear sign that the liver suffers and can’t filter toxins.

4. Nausea and lack of appetite
In an attempt to eliminate toxins from the body, a sick liver can lead to a steady state of nausea and lack of appetite.

5. Bad breath
Toxins that you damaged liver can’t eliminate can accumulate in the respiratory tract, and you will experience an unpleasant breath.

Go to the doctor, don’t wait for your liver to hurt!