Get Rid Of Motion And Car Sickness With THIS Simple Trick

Motion sickness is the result of the “conflict” between the images the eye perceives during the movement and the sensations that the body experiences through the inner ear (the organ in charge for balance). The general state of illness is triggered in any means of transportation such as car, airplane or boat. So the only solution is to fight it with your own weapons. Here it is!

Apply this simple trick! All you need is cooking lavender oil (edible). Put a drop of oil on the tip of the tongue, around the navel and behind the ears. Lavender oil will improve your nausea feeling and you will get rid of motion and car sickness.

Another great tips to prevent this problem are:

1. Eat light before leaving
It’s not good to go with empty stomach, but also don’t eat too much. Especially avoid fats and bacon (they are very difficult to digest and will accentuate the nausea specific to “motion sickness”). It’s a good idea to eat some salt biscuits and take a mouthful of mineral water from time to time.

2. Choose the right place in the car
This is the place where is a minimum of movement: in the right of the driver, in the case of the car; in the plane, near the window; in the boat/ship, in the central area of ​​the ship. If you feel bad on the train, that’s because you’re sitting in the opposite way of movement.