Why You Should Apply Lipstick And Suck Your Finger For A Few Seconds

Beauty vloggers and bloggers are a real inspiration and each day they come up with more new make-up application techniques and beauty hacks that amaze us! It’s also their simplicity and creativity that takes everyone by surprise! No sci-fi technology, no expensive brushes or make-up kits, only lots of imagination and logic.

The secrets of perfect make-up are rather easy and affordable.

Recently, a famous blogger from USA shared a very useful trick with her fans. She taught her public how to apply lipstick and prevent it from staining the teeth.

This is a very popular subject among women of all ages, because there are lots of cases when their favorite lipsticks turn to true nightmares staining their teeth and getting all smudged up during meals.

The trick consists in applying the lipstick after which you have to suck your index finger for a few seconds. This way the excess lipstick will remain stuck on your finger leaving just enough product on your lips.

This trick is promising there will be no lipstick on your teeth as well!

For a perfect make-up, you are advised to apply some concealer around your lips to make sure the lipstick will stay in its place on the outside as well. Just contour your lips with a small brush and concealer and see the lips pop up!

Enjoy a long lasting lipstick that will stay in place all day long.

For better results it’s highly advisable to skip applying any lip gloss on top, as it dissolves color and makes lipstick very unstable on the lip.

Avoid lipstick during the hot hours of summer days, because you risk having your lipstick as well as lip gloss smudged all over your face and teeth.

For more beauty hacks and tricks, follow bloggers that will leave you speechless with their beauty discoveries!