What Can Happen If You Don’t Wash Your Hair Enough

We live busy times when even the simple action of washing our hair may be too troublesome. We also live wonderful times that brought the invention of dry shampoo, a savior, a knight in shiny armor for women all over the world. But are you aware the risks if you don’t wash your hair enough? Sure, you can rely on the miraculous properties of dry shampoo every now and then, but your hair needs proper washing.

Read on to find out exactly what happens when you skip too many times the classic water and shampoo technique.

Your scalp gets pretty gnarly. Dirt and debris are basically at home and dry shampoo is a great host. You should wash your hair the traditional way, because that frees up your scalp of all the dirt.

Hair attracts and keeps the dirt as well. You may notice how hair really holds up excess sebum which in return attracts more dirt.

Don’t be surprised if things get itchy, as this is the next step excess debris often leads to.

It will get a bit smelly. The skin on your scalp is like the one on your body, it has oil and sweat glands that can cause excess odor. So get it clean!

Loosing volume really quickly is also very much connected to dirty hair. The styling products weigh the hair down and make it look really greasy.

Would you change your mind and wash it more often if we told you you’d be losing more hair at once when you wash it? Yes, this is a bit of an illusion because you are losing a certain amount of hair during any wash, but when you skip a few, it may look like you are losing more hair, which may be a bit disturbing.

Not washing your hair enough will make your head hurt from all the weight of your dirty hair. The hair, heavy with products, puts a strain on the nerve endings around your hair follicles, which will hurt like hell in the evening.