Signs You Suffer From Summer Depression

With all the sun, fun, holidays and long drinks, summer proves out a pretty controversial season. It turns out not everyone is a fan of summer and hot days. Quite a lot of people are on the other side of the barrier and insist on the fact that bright long days turn them into grumpy people or genuinely make them sick.

There are a few signs that can truly tell if you are a victim of the hot season, read on and see if you have come in touch with any of them.

SAD, or seasonal affective disorder is the name of one symptom that manifests itself by being too tired to eat, sleep or follow usual routines. The solution comes in the form of sun avoidance and light antidepressants. While SAD is relatively rare, it can be dangerous and lead to feelings of suicide. Don’t ignore your feelings.

The expectation gap, in other words, the perfect summer you’ve been dreaming about vs. the summer you are actually getting. Don’t let yourself get affected by disappointment, major stress or even depression. Look in the positive side and don’t expect perfection, take each day as it comes. But if reality is consistently getting you down, see a doc.

The over-amped feeling. Does summer invoke stress and loud noises, constantly feeling tired? Don’t let them overcome you! Make sure you get plenty time of quiet time. Leave time to wind down and limit caffeine, electronics and distractions. Focus on calming the noise inside and outside your body.

Screwed-up sleep. Long sunlit days can get you sleep deprived in less than a few weeks. Try and maintain normal sleep hours even if it means using heavy curtains to block out light. Try to exercise and eat at regular hours so as to form a habit your body will memorize in these months.

Slackers around. Not such big news actually, we are all surrounded by them. Don’t get frustrated or angry, don’t pity yourself for having to do most of the work yourself, you will take your turn when it comes to your holiday plans. And taking holidays is healthy for the nervous and stressed out system of yours!

Facebook envy. The disease of the century, there is barely any way to escape all the bragging on Facebook, and it can be depressing. You can avoid this by constantly reminding yourself you are not seeing the real version of a person on Facebook. Everyone is trying to show to the world a better story than they really live.