Science Reveals What You’re Lips Are Saying About Your Personality

Do you know your lips say a lot about your character? Science is actually convinced lips reflect an individual’s personality traits. So next time you want to find out about the character of a person, read their lips. In this article you will identify 9 types of lips and the interpretation. What kind of lips do you have?

  1. Large puffy lips– are the sign of affectionate and caring people. They are selfless and have a strong desire to protect and take care of someone. In any stressful situation, they will think about others first.
  2. Upper lip is larger than the lower one– this is a sign of a drama queen. Emotional, charismatic, loving life and drawing attention to themselves. They also have a high opinion of themselves and the ability to draw others towards them. These people are the center of attention and the life of the party.
  3. Lower lip larger than the upper one– people with such lips were not born for boring jobs, they seek adventurous experiences. Full of energy, curiosity, sociable and open to everything new, they are real explorers.
  4. Ordinary lips– ordinary lips are the sign of balanced, full of common-sense people that like to listen to others. They are calm and treat everyone with respect.
  5. Thin lips– thin lips are a loner’s lips. They are self-reliant and can cope with any problem, they don’t need big crowds and are not affected by loneliness. Still, they don’t avoid people and fit perfectly in any group.
  6. An upper lip with a sharp philtrum– these people are creative to their bone! Talented artists and musicians, with excellent memories, sociable and striving for self-expression in every form.
  7. An upper lip with a rounded philtrum– compassion, sensitivity and kindness are qualities that best describe the owners of such lips. They are easily upset by any misfortune and will always make time to help others.
  8. An upper lip without a philtrum– these are the lips of the most responsible and reliable people on the planet. They don’t know the meaning of the word ‘’impossible’’ and are not afraid of deadlines. They solve everything in time and are the people that decide everything on the spot.
  9. Small puffy lips– people like this are coquettish and mischievous. Their main priority is their own comfort and well-being. They are not selfish but often get misjudged.