Which Organ In Our Body Age the Fastest?

Not all organs are the same and each of them ages in its rhythm. Read on and find out which is the fastest ageing organ. In this way you will take care of it more carefully from now on!

The largest organ is also the one that ages faster. Yes, you guessed it! Is the skin! The fastest-ageing area is the skin of the chest, according to a study published in the journal of Genome Biology. This area is extremely sensitive and that’s why it is the area where the first signs of ageing appear.

How can we prevent the ageing of the skin:

If you’ve already noticed the first signs of ageing on your skin, you can stop this process. Skin can improve its appearance.

Weakness and fattening, a pregnancy or a bra that doesn’t provide the necessary support can result in stretching the skin and altering the elasticity of the tissue. Hydration can prevent and help the skin in the ageing process.

Sunscreen cream is not necessary only during summer, at the beach, when the only things that cover our body are bathing suits. If you wear vests, jerseys, shorts, take care of your skin and protect it with FPS cream. Sun exposure ages prematurely your skin, especially on the chest.

Moisturizing creams and creams with a protective factor used daily can greatly help in the ageing process.