The Length of Your Hair Reveals More About Your Personality Than You Think

Our looks speak of our personality even before we get to the actual talking part. If you pay attention to the features of the person you are meeting, you can understand what they are about without a proper introduction. Hair length is one of the features that defines people the most, being a true reflection of one’s personality.

Read on and see for yourself:

  1. Very short hair- people with very short cuts are sociable, flirty, sincere, down to earth and very flexible. They don’t get attached too easily and are rather self-sufficient. They are good at maintaining long-term friendships but are very competitive and ambitious. They use their sharp intelligence to get what they want.
  2. Above the shoulder hair or bob- these are intelligent and honest people who don’t approve of lies. They are hard workers and tough players who know the perfect balance between personal and professional lives. They hate routine and are very adventurous. They are always surrounded by an army of friends that appreciates them and to whom in return, they show the same gratitude and respect.
  3. Shoulder length hair or lobs- this hairstyle is very popular among feminine and sophisticated women whose charisma shines through. They love being challenged and hate routine and boredom. They are great at keeping conversations interesting and never run out of subjects to entertain a company. The women who wear their hair like this are independent and strong, ambitious and self-reliant.
  4. Long hair-suggests you are careful, meticulous and patient. You are also very loyal and quite reticent when it comes to changes. When it comes to love you may come across as rather demanding. You are a go-getter who will not be stopped until the final goal is accomplished. You are also viewed as a rather melancholic person that likes to get attached to things and memories.