How Zodiac Signs Behave When Starting A New Relationship

People behave different when starting a new relationship, but you can anticipate how they will act according to their astrological sign. Here is how signs behave if their new relationship has a lot of potential.

Aries will do whatever is in their power to pleasantly surprise their partner initiating all kinds of couple activities.

Taurus will do everything to make sure his partner is happy and will always surprise them with gifts.

The pretentious Gemini will need to make sure the person they have chosen is truly special. Once they have all the proofs they will try to make the chosen one smile as often as possible, even if they will need to transform themselves into clowns for this.

Cancer will show their devotement to the partner and dedicate their entire being to the loved one.

Leo becomes very loyal and is ready for any sacrifice in the name of love.

Virgo feels the need to spend all their free time in the company of their partner and tend to become addicted to that one person.

Libra tries to avoid monotony at all costs and will always think of new ways to surprise their partner.

Scorpio natives are very jealous and possessive, so when things get serious they will feel the need to shout their love for the entire world to know.

Sagittarius are afraid to lose their liberty and will try to avoid official ties as much as possible. Even if they do commit, they will try to keep as much of their independence as possible.

Capricorn take very commitment very seriously, so they will ask for their partner’s opinion in all matters.

Aquarius will lose their mystery and share all their secrets with the loved one.

Pisces will put their own needs and desires on the second place and their partner will become their main focus.