7 Steps To Get Rid Of Grey Hair

Grey hair is merciless, it has its own agenda and does not pick the best times to appear. If you resist the urge to start resenting it and investigate a few natural ways to get rid of it, you may find it rather easy to fight.

  1. Part your hair in a different angle. If you are one of those women that sticks to a certain hairstyle, learn this: grey hair is more visible in areas that lack volume. If you started noticing some grey hairs, change your hairstyle so as to change your look and have voluminous and fresh hair.
  2. Curl your hair. Straight hair is your enemy if you started getting grey hair. Fortunately, the solution is simple: befriend your hair curler and go for hairstyles that hide this small imperfection.
  3. Use dry shampoo. If you want to get rid of your grey hair, it is very important that your hair has a richer texture, obtained easily with the help of dry shampoo. Any type of dry shampoo offers volume because it absorbs the oils from the scalp. You can try and look for a shampoo that is coloring your hair at the same time, because it will hide your grey hair easier.
  4. Braids are great! They are basically making your grey hair invisible due to the way sunlight hits your hair.
  5. Use hair accessories. We tend to forget about hair accessories but this is not doing us any good, there are countless of accessories that improve our look and make our hair look great! If you want to cover lots of white hair with accessories, just get a scarf or a floral piece that will hide the grey perfectly.
  6. Big messy buns are just as great at hiding grey hair as accessories, go for a messy bun to make sure nobody catches a glimpse of your grey hair!
  7. Use a hair spray that is designed to add a bit of color to your hair. They are last minute solutions and can help keep things under cover.