What Happens In Your Body If You Quit Eating Sugar 9 Days

A recent study made in USA reveals that quit eating sugar for only 9 days brings significant improvements to our health. The study, published in the Obesity journal , was conducted on 43 children suffering from obesity and demonstrates that sugar is harmful not only because of the high calories but also because of the effects it has on the body.

The author of the study, the endocrinologist Robert Lustig and a team of scientists from the University of California, San Francisco, have shown the effects of giving up of sugar. In only 9 days, children participating in the study drastically reduced their risk of getting type II diabetes. In addition, triglycerides decreased by 33% and bad cholesterol decreased by 5%. Blood pressure also dropped.

“These findings support the idea that it is essential for parents to decrease the amount of sugar that their children consume and to understand the bad effects for health of certain types of foods,” endocrinologist Lustig said.

Statistics show that childhood obesity has doubled over the past 30 years, and adults obesity it has quadrupled.

“The calories in sugar are the worst because they turn into fat in the liver, which leads to insulin resistance and to the risk of diabetes, heart disease or liver disease.” “This thing has a major involvement in the food industry, at chronic diseases and health insurance costs level,” the specialist said.

Experts say that one person consumes an average of 300 to 700 sugar calories sugar per day. This amount of sugar comes not only from sweets, but also from foods that many of us consider safe and healthy, such as canned vegetables, pasta sauce, salad dressing and even yogurt.