Ancient Remedies To Get Rid Of Migraines

Headaches are unpleasant, and what is more disturbing is treating them with chemical based medicine that can affect other parts of the body. Thus, the easiest way to get rid of migraines is daily exercise, working out is acting as a preventing method for headaches and there are still a few other things you may consider doing to get rid of them naturally.

  1. Stock up on lovage tea that is a well-known migraine cure for centuries. Two or three cups a day are enough to scare migraines away.
  2. If you are a fan of ginger, great news! You will no longer suffer from migraines as ginger tea scares them away easily. Just boil a few pieces of ginger and have a hot cup of tea!
  3. Consider applying saline compresses. If you suffer from a terrible headache that seems to be there for good, don’t panic, prepare a saline solution out of a few teaspoons of salt in some hot water. Wash your face, neck, ears and then soak a cotton towel and squeeze it well. Lay down for about 20 minutes, or half an hour and put it on your forehead. This treatment works best if your migraine was caused by high blood pressure.
  4. If you feel like you may be having a different kind of migraine, prepare a potato compress. You will need a few raw potatoes that you need to peel and grate. Put the grated potato in a piece of gauze and apply the compress on the areas that throb with pain. Focus on your forehead, the back of your head and the temporal bone. Do put your faith in potatoes and their healing powers and apply the compress about three times a day with half an hour break. Say good bye to the dreadful migraine!