How To Remove Lipstick Stains From The Carpet

It is a most unfortunate accident when in a total hurry you drop your make-up products, especially your lipstick and it smudges your favorite carpet. It is even more unfortunate because of the carpet’s texture and the fact that it’s so hard to clean the greasy lipstick stains off.

Still, we have researched and came up with a few simple do-it-yourself techniques that will help you remove lipstick stains from your carpet.

Method #1.

Don’t panic and get to work at once! With a sharp object carefully scrape and remove any large pieces that have stuck to the carpet. Take a cleaning product that dissolves grease or oils, avoid all-purpose stain removers and dry cleaning fluids as they may discolor your carpet.  Blot with the cleaning product, avoiding to rub it, which may get the lipstick further in the carpet. Repeat the procedure, cleaning the sponge or cloth, until you see the lipstick stain gone!

Method #2.

Use rubbing alcohol because this is a powerful grease solvent and may be of much more help than any other cleaning product. Avoid circular moves and use a sponge for best results.

Method #3.

Remove stains with nail polish remover. Check that the nail polish is pure acetone and apply it directly to the stain, letting it sit five minutes before blotting. Be careful so as not to damage the carpet.

Method #4.

Try some white vinegar, as it contains traces of acetic acid that can effectively dissolve grease. Use only white vinegar if you don’t want to add any additional stains.

Method #5.

Surprising as it may seem, try using hairspray is none of the above mentioned solutions are not available. Hairspray is not a products intended for cleaning, but it does contain a small amount of alcohol that could help you remove the unwanted stain.