What Could Successfully Replace Coffee?

We all need something to keep us working until late, dancing or just waking us up.Some of us are green tea’s best friends, others are in love with coffee or others with some other stuffs. What Could Successfully Replace  Coffee?

Perhaps among new year’s resolutions you have included also giving up on coffee, or maybe the doctors recommended you no caffeine at all… and you’re probable thinking: what could successfully replace coffee?

It is quite difficult to give up on this magic liquid which more than a nervous stimulant, is the liquid that stimulates the adrenal  glands so they can release cortisol into the blood.

If you’re 1-2 cups of coffee per day type, and you have becomed dependent of it on your morning routine it means that excess body cortisol it’s getting higher and so is your blood sugar, which is being later stored in your body as fat.

Besides this magic liquid that favours fattening, coffee is also responsible for sleepless,  anxiety and skin dehydration.

You can give up on coffee using the solutions as mentioned below:

Hot chocolate

If you use to drink a sweet liquid every morning, you can still drink it, but you should choose one with fewer calories.


If coffee gives you energy  to start the day, scientists have discovered that apples are more effective than coffee on this side.


Some water with lemon juice will help you more than the usual coffee. It’s also helpful for your skin and your digestion.

Essential Oils

If you need to replace the smell of coffee in the morning, use a few drops of essential oil for a better mood. Recommended oil: rosemary, basil, lemon or mint.


A walk or some cardio in the morning will improve your circulation and will wake you up faster than a cup of coffee.