Forget All About Stress In Less Than 5 Minutes!

You only need a few minutes and one awesome stress-relieving secret to feel brand new! While a bit of stress can boost your creativity and help you with tasks, excessive stress is not healthy.

Today, we help you discover a unique Japanese method that will not take more than 5 minutes, does not require a special set-up and is truly effective. You should only understand and remember the significance of every finger.  Each one carries a different meaning and should be treated accordingly.

Your thumb is responsible for anxiety.

Your index finger is associated with fear.

The middle finger is connected with the feelings of fury and rage.

The ring finger is responsible for depression and sadness.

The small finger hides the secrets to your daily burdens and worries.

The Japanese technique we present today talks about bringing harmony in your body. To feel the energy flow, identify the finger that’s connected to your current feelings and embrace it with the fingers from the other hand. Hold the finger for 1-2 minutes until you start to feel a throbbing pulsation.

You can also press the center of your palm with the thumb of the other hand, for about a minute, then release it and you will instantly feel calmer.