10 Things You Should Avoid During Job Interviews

Interviews are stressful but handled right, they are going to land you the dream job you are looking for. Still, there are a few things you should avoid mentioning during job interviews so as not to leave the interviewer with a bad impression.

  1. Avoid compliments. You should always remember to keep things professional and avoid compliments that may suggest getting too friendly. Compliments may be perceived as fake, sexist and will never help you during interviews. You may try and compliment the company’s recent achievements instead of those of the interviewer.
  2. Don’t cry or complain. Crying will most likely ruin the interviewer’s opinion of you, they will think of you as a weak professional. Companies are looking for emotional stable workers and even if you have encountered difficult times, you should be able to contain yourself, particularly during an interview.
  3. No personal health issues, unless necessary. Avoid mentioning your back problems or allergies, these are not relevant and will make you look weak. Don’t speak about your personal dramas, and avoid begging for pity. If you have to explain a gap in your CV due to a health issue, don’t forget to mention you are fully recovered now.
  4. No gossip about the previous work-place. Don’t gossip or say anything related to your previous work place. Complaining will make you look frustrated and you should explain as careful as you can the reasons for you choosing to leave the company.
  5. Don’t forget you are not on a date, but during an interview. Avoid small talk and don’t try to establish any friendship ties, act professional and don’t make the interviewer feel awkward by asking personal questions.
  6. Do ask questions and Do show interest. When an interview is coming to an end, you may consider asking a few questions that will show you are interested in the job. These questions will make you look prepared and will increase your chances of getting the job.
  7. Don’t mention getting fired. This is a very sensible piece of information and may influence the interviewer to look at you from a different perspective. You should say instead that you were not the right person for that job and are looking forward to proving your potential from a new position.
  8. Don’t cut an interview short just because you are late for another one. This is a very rude action and will never put you in a good spotlight.
  9. You need the job as much as the job needs you. Don’t oversell yourself too much and don’t be too egocentric, you need the job as much as the company needs a new worker.
  10. Avoid standard answers. You may have read tens of articles on how to give the perfect answers during interviews, but avoid using them. The job interview is there to help you connect with your future company and they should get to know the real you.