How Heavy Should Be Your Bag?

A big part of our universe is hidden in the bag that we hold almost all the day! A woman resources seem endless because it has at discretion an roomy accessory, where it can extract the necessary cosmetics, books, magazines, notebooks or even clothing items and towels. But have you ever wondered how heavy should be your bag?

Unfortunately, our body is fragile, any power should be earned from the exercises with weights, not from caring with us a heavy accessory! To enjoy a harmonious health, not only take into account what it says fashion, find out the regulations of normal weight of a bag!

Shoulder bags, fashionable now, must not weigh more than 10% of your body weight. Even if your goal is to become stronger, go to the gym, don’t use your fashion accessory for building your muscles. Also, the specialist warns that we should wear bag with widest belts and take care to move the bag from one shoulder to the other.

Backpack proves more practical, this is why you should include it in your dressing. But do not consider that, thanks to its large size, to include in it everything you go through your head: you have to limit yourself to 20% of your weight.

Hand bag should’t have more than 4.5 kilograms and the weight of your clutch shouldn’t be more than 2 kilograms.

Carefully selected your cosmetics. Do you really think it’s necessary to have a full arsenal of makeup?

Clean your wallet. Often wallet gets to weigh nearly the limit of the bag weight, and not because it’s full of money. Make order among shopping cards or other things you keep in your wallet.