7 Reasons To Quit Chewing Gum!

A quite common habit is to chew gum. What harm can cause you a guilty gum, right? It’s like you drink every day a glass of juice, deceiving us that we are thirsty rather than provide real food to our body. In fact, there are several reasons to stop doing that. Discover them in this article!

  1. Problems with jaws – This is harmful for people who already have problems with jaws, but even if you don’t have this type of disease, excess of gum can make you sick, by permanently injuring facial cartilage and joints.
  2. Artificial sweeteners – Although several packages of chewing gum write “without sweeteners’, this is not 100% true. However aspartame is present and is linked to brain tumors, birth defects and cancer. Choose a natural sweetener, like honey, for example, if you need something sweet.
  3. Chewing gum causes headaches – In chewing gum are involved eight facial muscles. If you do this often, there is a risk that two of these muscles near the temples to narrow too much. This puts pressure on the nerves that take care of this area of the head, leading to chronic headaches.
  4. Other harmful ingredients from chewing gum The ingredients from gum enter into the blood quickly with a higher concentration than the food ingredients and do not go through the normal process of digestion.
    Here’s what other ingredients contains chewing gum:
    – maltitol
    – mannitol
    – natural and artificial flavour
    – acesulfame potassium
    – candelilla wax
    – sodium stearate
    – titanium dioxide
  5. Only mask the bad breath – Actually, gum it doesn’t help you to get rid of bad breath, despite what the commercials say. This effect lasts only few minutes, but do not get rid of it all day. What you need to do is pay close attention to your digestive problem.
  6. Chewing gum can slow metabolism – Stimulate saliva for a longer period can affect the metabolism. At the moment, you could not give importance to this, but every gesture we make gives our body something work and, instead of helping him, we consume more energy.
  7. Stomach pain – Chewing gum brings excess air in our stomach, which put pressure on the intestines and cause bloating and cramps. If you deal with these symptoms and you never ever think that could be to blame the chewing gum you take from the store, it is indicated that the next time to be more cautious.