These Clothes Are Dangerous For Your Health!

Usually we choose clothes without looking at the type of material but this think could cost you your health. Wardrobe of an average person does not look like several decades ago, when were included only fashionable materials as cotton, silk, linen, hemp, wool, bamboo. Both women and men used to make their clothes at the tailor with materials purchased by them.

Unfortunately, today this is no longer a cheap method to make your clothes at the tailor. There are many synthetic materials fashionable nowadays. Therefore, many people suffer from mild skin irritation, itching, rashes or eczema on the skin, without knowing the cause.

Formaldehyde in clothing can activate asthma attacks

Most clothes are a combination of cotton and polyester. They are treated with formaldehyde and ammonia, to become soft. Formaldehyde can activate asthma attacks and is considered, according to the EU, a carcinogenic class 3 product. Bleach textile paints contain toxic heavy metals, such as chromium or cadmium. Also, the staple is treated with caustic soda or sulfuric acid.

Avoid acrylics, polyester and nylon

Clothes that do not wrinkle are among the most dangerous. Although it seems a perfect option if you do not like to iron clothes, it is not healthy for your skin. They do not let the body breathe so skin absorbs hazardous chemicals.

Thermoplastic synthetic materials contain chemicals, that emanate plastics molecules when heated. Moreover, these clothes are not ironed. Acrylics, polyester and nylon are chemical materials that can cause skin problems.