Why Is Better To Wash Dishes By Hand Not With Dish Sponge

Microbiology experts discovered the most dangerous object in the kitchen! You will be surprised to find that it’s about dishwashing sponge, who seemed to be your best ally in dishwashing until now. From now on, you should quit using it and wash dishes by hand.
Do not worry, I do not suggest to remove using your hands burn  and the fat from dishes, only to rinse them with hot water.

Considering that the kitchen sponge accumulates leftover of food and that is moist, it is a great environment for germ development. Salmonella, campylobacter, listeria and E. Coli are just some of the bacteria that can be found on the surface of this object. If you use a sponge full of bacteria and your immune system can not fight with their attacks, you can face abdominal cramping, dizziness, diarrhea, fever, vomiting and skin allergies. If you have some of these symptoms, go see a specialist.

How you can not exclude permanently dish sponge: wash it after each use and change it very often. Also, I recommend you to rinse dishes with really hot water. Thus, you protect the health of the entire family.

Another reason why it is better to wash dishes by hand is related to traces of detergent remaining on them. The sponge that earlier you put dishwashing detergent is not suitable for rinsing them. No matter how well you squeeze it, all chemicals will remain in his layers.

No one can dispute that these solutions make our lives easier, but we must not neglect the effects they have on our health. You can protect your hands from harmful action using gloves, but what about the traces that remain on the dishes? Therefore, it is recommended to use only sponge to remove fat and burning, and rinse the dishes only with hands.

Dishwashing sponge it is a real help in the kitchen, but we must not forget that it is a danger to the body when we don’t take into account certain rules of hygiene.