Amazing Natural Remedies For Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the number 1 enemy of any couple and affects over 20% of men over the age of 50. This can be a problem also for young men, stress and smoking being among the main causes. Although there are many medicines that can improve these dysfunctions, here are some natural remedies that have the same beneficial effect!

Acupuncture – Although it is a traditional Chinese method of improving migraine and back pain, as well as improving blood flow, acupuncture is also very effective for sexual dysfunction problems.

Arginine – is an amino acid found naturally in certain foods such as seafood, fish, eggs, beans, chickpeas, lentils, chocolate, spinach, soybean, garlic, citrus and which has a relaxing effect on blood vessels. Arginine supplements are often recommended for patients with heart disease because they improve blood circulation, including at penis level.

Pomegranate juice and pomegranate extract have beneficial effects in terms of sexual dysfunction. The high content of antioxidants helps maintain blood vessel health, so it improves blood flow and it is said that treat erectile dysfunction.

The rhodiola extract, a plant known as the “golden root”, is often used in supplements that to treat promise erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation, and Dr. Espinosa recommends it because it removes the feeling of fatigue or exhaustion.

The yohimbe cinnamon extract, a tropical tree known for its aphrodisiac powers, could improve sexual life for people who take antidepressants; but the list of side effects is long enough – high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, anxiety etc.