Common Mistakes That Make Your Hair Look Oily

If you feel that your hair is always oily, sometimes even after few hours after washing it, the reason may be related to how you wash it and arrange it – and the solution is not necessarily to wash it more often. It is true that we can not struggle with the genetic heritage, but we can eliminate many other factors that make our hair look oily.

1. You don’t wash your hair often enough

The method that involves washing your hair with no shampoo is still very popular and could be the explanation behind the oily appearance of the hair. If you do not use shampoo at all, your hair can easily become oily. This is because the oils, dead cells and dirt remain on the scalp and get your hair oily

2. You wash your hair too often

On the other hand, if you wash your hair too often is not good. Then the skin from the scalp is constantly deprived of essential oils. Like the skin from the other areas on the body, the scalp will respond by producing even more oils. The result? An oily hair that never seems to be freshly washed, no matter how much you try.

3. You apply the hair conditioner incorrectly

Your hair needs care to keep it hydrated and healthy. If the conditioner comes in contact with the scalp, the result will be an oily hair, especially if you have an oily scalp because hair conditioners contain moisturizing ingredients. Specialists recommend cleaning hair with shampoo, rinsing it and applying hair conditioner only on the half length of the hair.

4. The water you rinse your hair is too hot

Sorry for fans of hot showers, but scalp skin can become very dry when is exposed to hot water, which leads to increased oil production. So if you use too hot water to rinse your hair, try to reduce the temperature as much as possible.