5 Reasons Your Body Retains Water

Water retention refers to an excessive amount of water deposited inside the tissue. “- mentions Medical News Today. A large amount of our body is formed from water. The water is located in bones, hair, tissue, bones, etc. Because the body needs water to function, sometimes can retain too much.

Water retention leads to inflammation of certain parts of the body. Even if the water retention does not give too much headache at the beginning, it may become chronic, and so do the diseases due to it. Diseases such as premenstrual syndrome, cirrhosis, hepatitis, or heart disease may be due to water retention. Here are the reasons why our body retains water:

  1. Unhealthy diet – Sodium is an essential nutrient that supports the well-functioning of many organs, but most of the time the foods we consume contain too much salt, which leads to gain weight and water retention.
  2. Unhealthy lifestyle – If you sit too long in the office, you can suffer of water retention. Sedentary life or lack of physical activity can also lead to water retention. It is very important to keep the blood circulation active, so even if your job is limited to office work, get up from time to time from the chair and take a few steps or climb and descend some stairs. You can start doing sports or simply walk around. Make at least 15-30 minutes of sport every day!
  3. Medicines – Too many medicines cause water retention.  Anti-inflammatory drugs, depression medications, or those that treat blood pressure are on the list of medicines that cause water retention. Chemotherapy also has a negative impact on this aspect.
  4. Hormones – Women who are in early menopause end up suffering from water retention. Menopause also influences this process. Etrogen and progestogen play a very important role because if their level is too high or too low, the body begins to retain water.
  5. Cardiac affections – Water retention is closely linked to heart diseases, fatigue, or stress. If you experience symptoms such as inability to breathe, lack of rest, unjustified fatigue, or poor general condition, you should go to see your doctor urgently!