The Reason You Shouldn’t Drink Flavored Water

Everything we eat and drink affects our health. If you’ve decided to change the carbonated drink to flavored water, the news are not that good. Maybe you thought that flavored water is healthier, but today you will find out the reason you shouldn’t drink flavored water.

Dr Edward R. Hewlett, spokesperson for the American Dental Association, told to the press that flavored water could cause more harm than good, whether it is still or mineral water.

Fans of flavored water need to know the unpleasant effects of drinking this type of drink.
Flavored water is considered the healthy alternative to carbonated sweet drinks. Unfortunately, it contains large amounts of acids that damage tooth enamel.

Hewlett said that strictly the flavors increase the pH of the water and not the carbonation itself. Flavor-free water expose you to a very low risk of tooth erosion and doesn’t represent a risk of enamel damage. A damaged enamel means teeth with high hot and cold sensitivity and great potential for caries.

Even though aromatic waters are not as healthy as you thought, they are healthier than sweet carbonated drinks. It’s all about moderation. Although it is not known what is the exact amount of water with flavors that we can consume and not affect our health, it’s best to minimize the time that our teeth get in touch with any acidic drink. We’d better have a glass at once, rather than drink it in small sips.

Dr. Edward R. Hewlett advises us to drink water, the healthiest drink.