How To Know If You Wear The Right Bra

Shoulder straps leave red marks on your shoulders, the back part of the bra lifts  too high and when you put a shirt on you, it seems that you have four breasts. It’s obvious that the chosen bra doesn’t fit you. Statistics show that over half of the women wear bras that are too small or too big. You can find out if you are among these women by observing the way your bra fits and how you feel in it.

How To Know If You Wear The Right Bra:

  1. The area between cups doesn’t stick to the skin The cups are either too small and cover only the upper part of the breasts or too big and then the wires at their base do not stand on your bust
  2. You have red traces under your arms, it’s clear that the bra is too small (the circumference of the bust is too small). Try a bigger number.
  3. You look like you have four breasts, surely the cup is too small and cover just a half of the breast and the rest pouring over. It happens to women with large breasts. Try a bigger number.
  4. If you wear bra and there is too much space in your cups, either you didn’t fixed your bra very well or the cups are too large. In this case, you should try a smaller number.
  5. If you have pains because of the wire, means you have chosen a too small cup or simply the is a poor quality bra and the wires are not rounded at the ends and scratch you.
  6. If you have red marks on your shoulders, it’s clear you’re shortening the braces too much by trying to lift your breasts. It is wrong because the breasts should not be hung on the neck and should be supported by the cup and the band around the bust