How To Get Rid Of Corns Using A Tampon

New shoes bring us a lot of joy … until we end up in tears at first. Corns is the biggest nightmare when it comes to footwear. In addition to the unpleasant aspect that our feet will have, the pain and discomfort make our walk a pain.
Although corns are easier to treat than to avoid, there is a trick that you can do at home and you can get rid of all the complications.

Tampons proves to be more effective than the patches and can keep you away from corns for a longer period of time.

How to get rid of corns using a tampon?

For this trick you only need a tampon and scissors. Depending on the shoe area where cause you pain, cut off a piece of absorbent that fits perfectly on that area. Carefully stick the tampon on the shoe. Pay attention to not fold the tampon.
If you feel that your footwear continues to cause you pain, repeat the process and stick a double layer. The absorbent can be an excellent solution also if the shoes are too big. Use a thicker absorbent that you can attach to both the back, the heel, and the length of your shoe.