5 Mistakes That Can Compromise Your Sleep

Many sleep problems with people face are caused by a bad behavior or bad habits: staying up late at night or sleeping late, eating inappropriate foods or drinking alcohol late at night, which affects negative your sleep rhythms. Over time, people learn their body how not to sleep. Then, they are taking sleeping pills, which really does not solve the problem, even more, makes you addictive. But to get rid of insomnia, you should find the causes and then eliminate them.

  1. You don’t have a consistent program for sleep

Often, people think that can substitute the lack of sleep from one night, by going next night to sleep very early. But the ability to adjust inside the clock for a healthy sleep depends on consistency. People sleep late on weekends, expecting to recover the lost sleep during the week. But both practices negatively affect rhythms of the body, especially the weekend sleepless nights can cause insomnia during the week.

Solution: Establish a routine and stick to it

2. Sleep much afternoon to counter sleepless nights
If you sleep afternoon, especially after 4pm or even a short nap in front of the television can negatively affect your healthy sleep rhythm and this is the reason why you will not enjoy a whole night of rest.

Solution: Do not sleep in the afternoon more than 30 minutes

3. You don’t prepare for sleep

t is unrealistic to expect the body to transit in 1 second from the alert state to the sleep state. The body needs time to produce enough neurotransmitters of sleep, sending signals to the sleep center and to produce sleep hormones to be able to sleep.

Solution: Give your body time to gradually move into the sleep state

4. You don’t offer the body the correct signs to go to sleep

The human body relies on signals that make us to sleep and to awaken, and the most important are darkness and light. But today we live and work in an environment with artificial light and often lose the most important signal: the natural light of the sun. When you go to sleep the body needs darkness to start producing melatonin, the most importan sleep hormone.

5. You eat a snack before sleep

These snacks raise blood sugar and stressing internal organs involved in hormone regulation. In this way you affect the sleep cycles.

Solution: If you are hungry take a snack rich in protein.