These Are The 7 Dirtiest Parts Of Your Body

These are the 7 dirtiest parts of your body that most of the people didn’t think about them! When somebody ask you which is the dirtiest part of your body, what would will be your answer? Scientists at Harvard claim that there are over 615 species of bacteria in the mouth, which place it on the first place in the top of  the dirtiest areas of our body! Let’s read the other dirtiest parts of your body:

1. Mouth

This information may seem shocking, but the mouth is the dirtiest part of the body. Is proven that mouth is the host of 600 types of bacteria.

2. Underarm

Your armpits host more than 80,000 bacteria, which is why the smell appears. Deodorant and perfume smell nice, but can not “fight” with the germs. It is your job to wash this area every day, using antibacterial soap.

3. Ears

Wax ensure the lubrication of the ear and protects the ear from various bacteria, insects and water. But because of this wax, ear is one of the dirtiest parts of the body.

4. Nails

If you like long fingernails you should know that the skin under the nail contains the most harmful bacteria that can lead to death if you not clean your nails properly.

5. Head

Head itch is not caused only by dandruff, also by different bacteria that position the head among the dirtiest areas of the body

Navel is included in the list of the dirtiest parts of the body. It can be considered clean, but can be considered a hidden nest for bacteria. If you don’t clean the navel, can lead to the formation of stones which later can turn into a tumor. It is necessary to clean it every time you take a shower.

7. The nasal cavity
Perhaps you feel that your nose is clean, but is surrounded by a variety of bacteria. You must give attention to clean better this part of the body.