Never Mix These Foods! Can Be Very Dangerous

Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal body health. However, there are certain fruits and vegetables that should not be ingested never simultaneously. Mixing them can endanger the health of the whole body. In this article you will discover what food combination you should never do again because can be very dangerous!

1. Pudding and banana

This combination of banana pudding is very difficult digested and reduces mental concentration. Moreover, it encourages the production of toxic substances that can have serious consequences especially on infants.

2. Oranges and carrots

Although it is a very popular combination found especially in pasteurized concentrates juices, oranges mixed with carrots may cause heartburn and bile reflux. Also, it has been found that this combination may favor the onset of renal dysfunctions.

3. Pineapple and milk

Bromelain that pineapple contains, does not allow combination with certain foods, especially milk. Mixing pineapple with milk causes stomach pain, headache, nausea and other effects. This combination is dangerous especially for babies.

4. Papaya and lemon

This combination can cause anemia and other hemoglobin imbalances. Avoid it at all costs!

5. Guave and bananas

Mixed with bananas, guavas may cause bloating, flatulence, acidosis, headache and nausea.

6. Oranges and milk

If you use to add the oranges in your breakfast cereals, you unnecessarily overburdened your stomach. This combination causes upset stomach and slows the digestion of starch from cereals.

7. Vegetables and fruits in general

Avoid eating vegetables and fruit at the same time! Fruits are high in sugar, making them harder to digest and, in combination with vegetables remain in the stomach longer. When fruit ferment, release toxins causing diarrhea, headaches and stomach aches, and infections.