The Reason You Should Never Keep Food in Plastic Containers

We all have at least one food container in our kitchen, but did you know the dangers of using them? Sure thing, plastic innocent food containers are the best savior for taking homemade healthy food for lunch, but they are actually ruining that delicious and healthy meal you’ve prepared so carefully.

Many containers are made of dangerous elements and contain chemical substances such as phtalates and bisphenol. Even though these elements come in very small quantities, their simple presence affects the entire product and more importantly the food that is stored inside.

Read on about the dangers of the two chemical elements and see for yourself if they are worth being kept near your food:

Phtalates is used to soften polyvinyl chloride and is being gradually replaced in many products all over the world over health concerns. They are entangles within the plastic and later on released in the food and into the environment. Researchers have linked various changes in the hormone levels and birth defects to its use.

Bisphenol on the other side exhibits estrogen mimicking, hormone-like properties that raise concern about its suitability. It is banned from all baby products because of its hormone affecting properties.

The conclusion is that using plastic food containers for a long period can affect your health and hormones in undesired ways.

Keep your food in glass, ceramic or steel containers to avoid any food contamination. You can also use them for long term storage with no concern whatsoever!

You should also pay attention to the various symbols that are on the food containers before using them in your microwave or in the freezer. Various temperatures can accelerate the contamination process of the food.

Don’t risk your health and be safe with products that store your food in a healthy manner.