How To Get Rid Of The Garlic Smell Off Your Hands

Spending lots of time in the kitchen comes with various risks, such as cutting accidents or having your hands start to smell as the food you are preparing. One such product that is smelly and will leave unpleasant traces on your hands is garlic. There is no way to escape its smell. Even if you are only cleaning it, you will still end up with its smell on your hands hours later.

Cooking it is also a sign you will be washing your hands like crazy in a few hours trying to get rid of its smell.

But do not think garlic is the only product that leaves you with unpleasant smells. Onions are just like this!

Besides being very difficult to cut without irritating your eyes, onions are also a pain when it comes to washing off the proofs of coming in touch with them.

Don’t try and clean the onion and garlic smells with the usual shower gels or soap, not even dish detergent will help.

There is only one easy way to remove these smells for good and with no headache!

Try rubbing your hands with a small quantity of toothpaste. You will be smell free in an instant!

Toothpaste ingredients are specially developed to remove stains and smell particles from your mouth, but work just as easy on your skin!

This is the only product that is capable of removing almost any food smell.

Another thing you could be doing in order to avoid the smell of such products is acquiring a pair of kitchen gloves that you could use when dealing with the smelly products.

It is the best protection against damaging your nails and skin when cooking and washing off dishes. Gloves protect your hands and take all the hits for them! Do consider investing in a simple pair of gloves!