Mistakes That Put Your Smartphone’s Battery In Danger!

Lately, more smartphone users have started complaining in regards to the life battery of their smartphones. More people are reporting a shorter lifespan and lots of technical issues. Smartphones are indeed smart. You get to have a personal computer in your pocket, unfortunately it does not come accompanied by the computer battery nor by its cooling systems.

With all the apps and the need to be constantly connected to everything that is happening, it comes as no surprise you need to have a charger handy at almost all times!

But, still, there are a few things you should avoid doing for a better battery lifespan.

  1. Avoid charging your battery all the way to 100%! Experts suggest charging your battery between 30% and 80% to ensure a healthy charging habit. It is also highly discouraged leaving the phone plugged in during the night time. Forget about charging your phone overnight if you want to protect your battery!
  2. Don’t let your phone run out of battery completely. This process will damage the battery pretty bad. Charge it before it gets to 10% for a better battery quality!
  3. Don’t overheat your phone! Protect your phone from extreme temperatures, either high or low, this will protect your battery as well.
  4. Do remove the phone from its case while it’s charging. This way you will avoid having your phone overheating from the case.
  5. Don’t back up your phone if it’s not connected to a power source. This action puts a lot of strain on the battery, which is why it’s better to back up the phone while it is charging.
  6. Avoid using other chargers than the original ones to charge the phone! Always use the original elements if you want to enjoy a healthy phone! Chargers are crucial for your phone and you should always get only original products.