The Correct Way To Frozen Minced Meat

Many people make their supplies for the whole week. Most of the time, meat or other foods need to be kept in the freezer until they are cooked. In this article you will find the correct and the healthiest method to frozen the minced meat, in order to defrost it very easy.

Minced meat must be frozen with great care. It shouldn’t be put in a bag and made a round ball because it frosts in a longer time inside and the bacteria have time to multiply. Before being frozen, minced meat should be stretched using the kitchen roller, to be as thin as possible.

In this way, it will be frozen uniformly and will be much easier to defrost it. In addition, it occupies less space in the freezer. In order to defrost the minced meat, you have to put a pot of hot water above the bag. In just an hour, it will be good for cooking.