5 Ways In Which Your Bra Hurts You

The bra can shape the breasts and help improve the look of your chest. However, few women know how to properly choose their bra. According to statistics, 80% of women wear a wrong size bra. This can lead to serious health problems. Here are the risks you take if you don’t choose the right size for your bra:

May cause skin damage

A too tight bra can cause skin lesions and reduce blood circulation, giving a discomfort feeling. It’s very important to choose the right size for you, whether you have small or large breasts.
A good bra shouldn’t move from your breasts throughout the day. If it moves from the breasts, you certainly haven’t chosen the right one. By rubbing the skin, the bra can cause lesions and irritations on the skin.

Throat and muscle pain

A bra that doesn’t fit you can cause neck pain and back pain because these parts of the body have to support the weight of the breasts without the support, such as the bra’s support (in case of big breasts). So, as soon as the neck muscles become overloaded, it’s possible to experience headaches, known as cervicogenic headaches.

Throat pains occur most often in the case of large breasts that put pressure on the neck muscles. An appropriate bra will take on the weight of your breasts.

Affects the spine

A bra that is too tight can restrict the movements in the upper back, causing stiffness in the spine. This causes acute back pain.

Breathing problems

A too small bra can also lead to breathing problems, as it can restrict blood circulation to the ribs ares. This can affect the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.

Pain during sports lessons

During sports, the normal bras are not recommended. It is recommended to wear a bustier. The normal bras can move during exercises and can lead to back pain.