Surprising Effects If You Are Sleeping Naked

Sleeping without clothes is much better than sleeping in pajamas because it offers many health benefits, both psychological and physical. During sleep, body temperature drops naturally and pajamas disrupt this cycle. If you don’t wear pajamas, there is less chance of insomnia and you will literally sleep like a baby. Here are some surprising effects if you sleep naked:

Protection against bacteria – When you are sleeping naked you can prevent the spread of yeast bacteria. Also, perspiration spots will dry.

Sleeping naked lowers cortisol levels and improves sleep, which in turn encourages weight loss.

Reduces pain – When you sleep naked, the movement is not stopped by anything and you will feel less pain, especially in the abdomen.

Skin regeneration – When sleeping naked, the skin has the ability to repair sebaceous glands, and the skin will absorb nutrients faster. The rate of metabolism will also increase.

It makes you feel more energetic – Sleeping for 7-8 hours without pajamas will increase your energy level and you will feel more energetic throughout the day.

Strengthens your immune system – When you have skin to skin contact with another person, the adrenal glands receive an important message. It diminishes the production of cortisol, the hormone of stress. Cortisol removes the body’s immune response. That’s why it’s good to sleep naked, for you and your lover. Also, skin to skin contact increases the level of oxytocin in the body, which has beneficial effects on blood pressure and healing in general.

If you sleep naked you will have a happier couple relationship

A US study in the US of 2014, made by a company that promotes wearing of cotton clothes, including pajamas, has shown that 57% of those who are sleeping naked have happier couple relationships. And those who wear pajamas are pleased with their relationship, but in a smaller percentage: 47%.