The Most Effective Tricks To Avoid Slipping In Snow

Winter is here and covered all the the city with snow and ice. During winter many people slip in the snow and this thing is very dangerous because most of the times you can break a leg, a hand or you can suffer of a sprain or dislocation. I know is beautiful outside and you are impatient to go out, but we have to be very careful with the snow.

Or maybe you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to go out when is so cold outside and prefer to enjoy the view from the house, but you are forced to go out because you have to go to work or shopping. In both cases, in this articles you will find some effective tricks to avoid slipping in the snow!

  1. If you don’t plan to walk too long, cut a thick potato slice and rub the shoe sole with it. The starch from the potato juice stick on the shoe sole and will help you to avoid slipping, but just for a small period of time.
  2. Stick on the shoe sole wide strips of leucoplast made with textile material. It is an old trick, but still very very effective.
  3. If you care about your health more than fashion, put over the shoes some wool socks. In this way, the risk of slipping in snow is very low.
  4. Do not be shy to go out with a metallic stick, with a sharp top (such as hiking sticks). If there is a thick layer of ice, this stick will help you to keep your equilibrium.
  5. If you desire to ear heels in ice, apply on the shoe sole strips of felt.

Extra tip! If the snow penetrate your shoes, rub the shoes with an white candle. Turn on the hair drier at the lowest temperature, and wait until the candle wax is melted and penetrate the shoes. For a while, the wax will prevent the water to penetrate your shoes.