Try This Trick To Attract Money in Your Life!

Some people believe in rituals, other people don’t. To be honest, I’m part of the second category, but this trick really works. In my opinion this ritual works because we attract some good energies, we are positive and do not stop to believe that what we desire will happen…. and finally it will. You have to wait and have faith!

So, here I will present you a great trick on how to attract money in your life:


  • 6 black peppercorns
  • 2 cups of rice
  • 2 green candles
  • 2 glasses

How do you proceed:

Put very hot water in glasses to sterilise them. Throw the water and after the glasses are dry, put one cup of rice and 3 peppercorns in each glass. Place a glass in the kitchen and one in the living room. Place a candle right next to glasses and tun on the candle for 3-4 hours. Finally, throw the candles.

Maybe sounds strange, but this ritual is amazing. After you will apply it, all the negative energies will disappear and all the things is start to be ok.

It is important to know that the color of the candle should be green. Candles were and are still used in spiritual ceremonies and rituals from ancient times, by cultures of all peoples around the globe. It is said that these small objects would combine fire energy with  vibrations of color and power of the thought. And can satisfy even the most hidden desires. The color of the candle has a particularly important role. Therefore, if you find yourself before a difficult exam, light a yellow candle. Are you nervous before a date? Pink candle will be helpful. Are you visited by your lover? A red candle and atmosphere will relax you closer. If you have problems with money and want to attract money in your life, always use a green candle!